Friday, March 23, 2012

Employment Court closes since it has run out of money

It would seem that this Tory led Government is intent on turning our Country into some sort of banana republic.  The employment law newsletter by Daniel Barnett reports :-

"For those practitioners with cases due to be heard at London (East) Tribunal in the next couple of weeks, be aware you may experience difficulties.

The tribunal is sending out letters postponing hearings on the basis that it has "reached the full extent of the budget allocation for this financial year and, as a result, there is no remaining judicial resource available to hear your case."

It would seem that all cases listed for a hearing before the end of the financial year (4 April) will have to be cancelled since the Tribunal has ran out of money. Many people might have waited months if not years for these hearings. Who knows when they will be heard again?

Once again, it shows that you cannot reply on the law to protect you at work. There is only the unions. 

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