Thursday, March 15, 2012

Homes For London

Great new videos from Housing Charity "Shelter" launching their "Homes for London" Campaign. Shelter want the London Mayor candidates to commit to setting up a "Homes for London" agency if they are elected. Similar to "Transport for London".


Anonymous said...

No, we don't need another quango. What is the point. Newham house prices are falling.

John, I feel sorry for this unfortunate Tory couple from Kensington & Chelsea.

The elephant in the room is Newham. I often ask friends, why do you rent in xyz location, when for less money you could buy a house in Newham?

Clearly, there are people who would rather pay high rents to live in a nice part of London, rather then buy an affordable(*) house in Newham.

**I say affordable, when compared to the rest of London **

Percerptions and attitudes need to be challenged. No they won't get killed when they get out of the tube. No they won't be robbed. No they are not all carrying knives. No they don't need a stab vest.....

Newham, is a stones throw from central london with good transport links.

You have to ask why people are not moving into Newham.

John Gray said...

Hi anon

I think it is an interesting idea and could work. London has got to do something pretty radical.

You are simply wrong about people not wanting to live in Newham. That cycle is finally broken. While you are right that it is a great place to live.

You must mix with some strange posh folk?

I suspect that all Property prices in London are grossly overvalued and my guess is that we are all due a price corection.