Saturday, March 17, 2012

Professor Pound's lesson on Ken's Fare Deal

Steve Pound MP explaining Ken's Fare Deal. Find out more on


nick venedi said...

I was shocked to hear Brian Paddick, who I previously thought of as being rather reasonable, describe Greeks in London as kebab shop owners, that is what his remarks implied unless he meant to say that the police train them to put communities in pigeon holes? If yes then that is even worst!

Many in the Greek community find this type of stereotyping offensive. The association between ethnicity and certain low ranking jobs promotes negative images. It would be wrong to say that all corner shop owners are Asian and anyone who says that should be challenged but it appears that people who should know better, like Mr Paddick, can indirectly target a smaller community. I shall be encouraging the 300,000 strong members of the London Greek community (most of them eager voters) to be casting their vote the right way!

It is not acceptable for people who wish to represent London to be making irresponsible remarks

John Gray said...

Hi Nick

It is rather odd statement from someone who has personally suffered from discrimination and stereotyping?

I think he is the "anyone but Opik" Lib Dem candidate for London Mayor.