Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Family Mosaic UNISON members vote for Strike Ballot

"UNISON members at Family Mosaic Housing Association have voted overwhelmingly in favour of a formal ballot for strike action. The consultative ballot result comes shortly after Family Mosaic’s senior management issued letters of dismissal to all staff members who have not signed new contracts agreeing to substantial cuts in pay and an increase in working hours. 

To date Family Mosaic have refused to revise their current drastic proposals and have shown little regard for the significant impact the proposed pay reductions will have on staff members and their families.

London UNISON Regional Organiser, Colin Inniss stated: ‘The pain of these pay cuts and increased working hours will only be experienced by front line staff, senior management have exempted themselves and protected their pay from any reductions. All care and support and general housing staff will be contemplating a difficult 2012; whilst for senior management it will be a case of business at usual, a point which highlights the opportunistic nature of their proposals. This is something which should worry Family Mosaic’s service users. Imposing harsh changes demoralises a workforce and cannot but affect the quality of service delivery. Whilst UNISON remains committed to achieving negotiated change, management’s intransigence has left us with no alternatives other than to conduct a formal ballot for strike action and to pursue legal action.’

The ballot will involve all UNISON members employed by Family Mosaic in both London and Essex.

For Further information or comment please contact: UNISON Regional Organiser, Colin Inniss on 07703 194 127 / C.Inniss@unison.co.uk
Notes for Editors
1. UNISON’s represents over 60,000 members in the Community and Voluntary sector.
2. Family Mosaic own and manage 23,000 properties across, 27 London Boroughs and in Essex. It has a significant Supported Housing business providing nursing, care and support services to around 4,000 people.
3. Family Mosaic’s operating surplus rose from 19% in 2009/10 to 26% in 2010/11. The Group’s net surplus increase to £34 million in 2010/11, a rise of 4% on the previous year.
4. In July 2011, Family Mosaic finalised the purchase of Hyde Housing’s £14 million-turnover subsidiary, In Touch, which provides services to 4,200 people and includes 120 contracts.
5. In 2010/11, Family Mosaic’s Chief Executive, Brendan Sarsfield’s, annual salary increased from £165,000 to £172,000".


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