Monday, December 12, 2011

London Marathon 2012 Training Wk 7: Wanstead Park

Due to winter darkness I've found it difficult to keep to the training programme during week days.  I don't like running in the dark because of the risk of tripping up. But you have little choice at this time of the year. Roll on winter solstice which will be on the 22nd of December. Not long now to go.

Run of the week was on Saturday. After my Council surgery I went for a 70 minute Fartlek (Swedish for "speed play" - a form of interval training) in glorious sunshine and blue skies. Starting across Wanstead Flats and into Wanstead Park via Park Road. I basically did two circuits of the Park (including one sprint up the Long Walk which I was pleased about) then back home in between the railway and the City of London Cemetery. Sore legs and in some pain for rest of day!

It is amazing nowadays that this park use to be part of a massive Country estate. A contemporary rival to Blenheim Palace no less. In 1805 the state was passed to a "Catherine Tylney-Long, who thereby became the richest heiress in England". In 1812 she made a disastrous choice of marriage to a William Wellesley-Pole (nephew of the Duke of Wellington).  Who due to his "dissipation and extravagance" caused family bankruptcy and the Country House to be demolished in 1825.

Picture is of the the approach to the Temple which was an estate building dating from the 18th Century, which now houses a museum collection open to the public during weekends. (double click to bring up detail. Picture from December 2010. Note snow!)

I am running the London marathon next year using the official advanced training programme and will be raising funds for Homeless Youth charity "Alone in London". Click here to sponsor me. 


Anonymous said...

Two blogs which were critical of Newham Council and Councillors have closed down.

First was the Newhamgrad blog and now Mike Law's blog says it is "CLOSED".

They don't explain why they have closed their doors, but I am sure it is something down to the Labour Party in Newham?

Seems rather suspicious to me! Democracy at work?

John Gray said...

Hi Anon

As far as I am aware it has nothing to do with the Labour Party in Newham. In fact in my opinion this is a bit of a blow since both of these blogs were reminders of how completely useless the Tory opposition is in Newham.

Both were obsessed with personality politics and were completely paranoid and fixated with daft conspiracy theories.

I’m sure that (the few) sensible Tories in Newham will be relieved.

I suspect that Big Bad Mikey will probably return (under a different name?).

Anyway, what are you moaning about? You’ve still got Tiny Tim:)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the irony of decrying 'personality politics' and then referring to your opponents as 'Big Bad Mikey' and 'Tiny Tim' is not lost on you.

John Gray said...

Hi macuser

Nah, its chalk and cheese. I'll admit to being a little juvenile at times but what these blogs obsessed over is attacking opponents who disagreed with them not over their decisions or actions but as being corrupt, dishonest, crooks, sexual swear words etc.

They have no politics.

Anonymous said...


With respect, that's a fabulous misrepresentation of what Mike Law's blog is about. For sure there's the odd bit of name-calling ("the comedy mayor of Westfield") but the driving theme is EXACTLY the decisions and actions of Sir Robin, and the lack of scrutiny from the 60 other members of the council.

You may disagree with his view point, but there's no arguing that it's just a series of vindictive personal attacks.

I don't personally know Mike Law and I hold no brief to argue his corner, but I think the closure of his blog is a shame. Scrutiny and challenge of the executive is a good thing, and there is far too little of it going on in Newham.

John Gray said...

Hi Macuser
Remembering this is purely my point of view and no one else – I’m afraid that I cannot agree with your comments. Mike’s blog is not about genuine scrutiny and challenge (which I would welcome) but it is about paranoia, point scoring and personal obsession.

As I said originally, I am genuinely disappointed that he has for whatever reason decided to close it down. When people outside Newham would ask me why there was no political opposition in the borough, I would send them his link and say this is one of the reasons why.

It’s not about the name calling or the rough and tumble of local politics. I genuinely don’t mind Mike smears his opponents (myself included) as cowards, liars, thieves; corrupt etc because I know that it just backfires on him and the Tories.

I am still a little bit of a small town welsh prude to disapprove of someone using a very crude sexual swear as a joke but that is probably just me.