Friday, December 09, 2011

UNISON NEC meeting 8 Dec 11

Yesterday there was a UNISON NEC meeting on the 9th floor of the new UNISON centre in Euston, London.
I am a national member for  the Community Service Group (Housing associations and voluntary organisations) with my colleague from Manchester City branch, Isobel McVicar.
Obviously the Pension Strike and what to do next was a major item.  It was largely a positive and constructive meeting.  Some of the usual suspects were being a little silly but the vast majority of the NEC made intelligent and considered arguments and contributions.

Check out  the UNISON statement on the NEC here starting "We will hope for the best, but plan for the worst," UNISON's ruling NEC declared today as it assessed the effect of the 30 November pensions strike....The day of action was "an absolutely fantastic day, the proudest day of my union life," general secretary Dave Prentis told the meeting in London.....

While the blog UNISONactive reports also on the NEC meeting as well as on the Strike today over private sector pensions in Unilever, on which the NEC sent a message of support yesterday. (picture is actually after NEC Policy Committee meeting on Wednesday)


Unknown said...

Interesting that the UNISON NEC chose to put their meeting space on the 9th floor of this new building. I was really impressed on a visit to GlaxoSmithKline's head office the other day to see that their CEO had moved his office to the ground floor. The employees I was meeting there told me how he had introduced a more open and accountable form of leadership and this was a physical manifestation of that approach.

John Gray said...

Hi Paggy

The NEC of a trade union are not the same as a CEO but I understand your point. On the ground floor of the new Unison centre there is the museum, canteen and meeting rooms.