Sunday, December 11, 2011

Roman Road: Bad and Good

The Bad: Off message but on Friday I was walking along Roman Road, E3 when a woman came out of one of the "shops" and threw two large white takeaway polystyrene cups into the gutter. She then turned around and
went back into the shop again. I was astonished.

I opened the door of the shop and asked the women (who was behind the counter) if she is going to clear the cups? She replied no, she pays plenty of money for street cleaners to clean up and that is what they are there for. I told her that I had taken a picture of the rubbish on my phone and that if she did not clear it up I would report her for littering to Tower Hamlets Council.

To which she urged me to go forth and pass water (or something like that). I said it was her choice and walked away. Not that it made any difference but there was no road sweepers anywhere insight. About 30 minutes later I walked past the shop and it appeared that the cups had been cleared away. 

The Good: By coincidence that night I had a very pleasant crimbo drink and meal with 3 old friends (we all use to be UNISON housing stewards in Tower Hamlets Council) in Roman Road . We had drinks in the Angel and Crown where the pub staff and regulars couldn't have been more friendly followed by an excellent meal at Meze & Barbeque restaurant (see photo).


Adam Woodyatt said...

Galloway's mate Mayor Rahman significantly cut the frequency of street cleaning at the last budget.

John Gray said...

Hi Adam

Not that this makes any difference to that woman's behaviour.