Friday, December 02, 2011

My N30: Day of Action for Decent Pensions for All

This collage is a snap shot of some of the experiences that I had during the Strike and Protest action held on Wednesday. Double click pic to bring up detail.

Pictures of Highbury and Islington roundabout full of UNISON placards and flags; the Housing Association private repair contractors who drove past and gave us the "thumbs up"; the Jiving for decent pensions and (of course) the march and SERTUC rally and finally the St Thomas hospital Picket line.

I will post these pictures on FaceBook later. (UPDATE see here)

One thing I should add is that this industrial dispute and day of action was really about decent pensions for all. Public service pensions are benchmarks for every decent pension scheme.  If they are destroyed then in my view,  every single good pension scheme is also at risk. Defined Benefit or Defined Contribution.

Now, I realise I might be a little bit unfair but the Government seem to be using the argument that since some private sector workers have rubbish pensions then so should the public sector.  Does this mean that since some workers are on the minimum wage (£6.08 per hour) then all workers should be on a minimum wage?

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