Saturday, December 03, 2011

Old Town Hall Stratford Christmas Lights Carols

Last night I went to a Christmas Carol concert inside the historic Old Town Hall in Stratford.  There was a choir from Carpenters Primary School who sang a lovely mixture of traditional and modern carols.  Including (I think) Gloria in excelsis Deo in Latin.

This was in front of the Mayor, Sir Robin Wales, Councillors, Council officers, teachers and parents.

Afterwards the Old Town Hall Christmas lights were switched on and there was a reception for the Children and their parents.
Everyone was pleased when Robin asked the Children how many were learning to play instruments at the School.  Nearly all of them put their hand up. The "Every Child a Musican" programme is now
bring run in 61 Newham Schools.

Keeping a beady eye on the performance in the left hand corner of the hall was this bust of the first ever Labour MP Keir Hardie.  I think he would have been pleased as well.

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