Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Jon's Union blog: 0 false false false

Jon's Union blog: "...0 false false false..." This is a screen print from the TIGMOO website tonight. Double click to bring up details.

I'm sure that there is some perfectly innocent explanation for this simply outrageous smear on the integrity of our dear sarf London coastal leader.



John said...

Oi, cheeky! Apologies to Jon on this one, it seems like something went wrong with a couple of hosted blogger blog feeds since 18 Dec, though not that of Mr Gray - small mercies! Will see what I can do about this.

Jon Rogers said...

Thanks - and season's greetings - to one John for noticing and to another John for setting out to fix the problem :)

John Gray said...

Hi John

Don't rush! :)

Hi Jon

The pleasure was all mine :)