Saturday, June 25, 2011

UNISON NDC 2011: Composite Motion E – Cuts are not the Cure

This is a picture of Joel Bodmer, who was also a delegate from Housing Association Branch.  Joel is the Branch Young member and Media officer.  He spoke in favour of Composite E and used his own experience as a mental health support worker to describe the impact of the cuts.  Not only on staff but also on clients and services.

Stephen Brown, the Chair of the Community Service Group Executive also spoke about the £5 billion in cuts that the voluntary and community sector will face.

In our sector there are rogue employers who are deliberately undercutting the good ones in Supporting People bids. Once they win the bids they then slash the pay and conditions to TUPE staff and reduce care to vulnerable clients. A real race to the gutter by employers who claim to be socially responsible organisations. What rubbish! The branch is putting together a plan to tackle such abuses in our region. 

Joel is a UNISON Labour Link levy payer and a Labour Party activist in Brixton. He was recently elected as a Greater London representative to the UNISON Labour Link national forum which takes place next month in Liverpool.

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