Monday, June 06, 2011

A prayer for Alberto Korda (of "Guerrillero Heroico" and Fidel Castro fame) in an English Medieval Church

This is a little unusual but an interesting tale - I think anyway.  Last week I was on holiday in the Cotswolds and went for this 7 mile Pathfinder country walk round Ilmington and Ebrington. It was a lovely bright, blue skies and sunshine day. Half way into the walk I stopped off to have a look around the 13th Century St. Eadburgha Church.

Ebrington is a simply beautiful thatched cottage Chocolate box Gloucestershire village.  Very old and very English - as was the church. Well worth a visit for anyone with any sense of history. So I was somewhat surprised to see this inscription in
the Visitors Comments book by Keith Cardwell.  Who had come to the Church on the 25 May this year to say a prayer for his old friend, Alberto Korda, who had died 10 years ago on this day. 

Alberto had been the personal photographer of Cuban revolutionary leader, Fidel Castro, and had took the iconic picture above of the "Heroic Guerrilla" Che Guevara.  Which I am slightly embarrassed to admit (only slightly) that like many others I had a tee shirt in my dim and distance youth with this same image on it (which I still have somewhere!).

I really don't know whether Keith, Che or Fidel were or are at all religious (the last two are certainly most unlikely to be C of E - Church of England) but I think that Keith's prayer and comments remembering "a great friend and a good man" will strike a cord with most of us.  I'm not sure that the "God Bless Fidel" will go down all that well in the modern day Cotswolds never mind parts of Miami.

Of course we should not forget that if they were RC then this Church for the first 300 odd years of its long existence would have been a Roman Catholic Church. 

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