Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ardeley, Benington and Walkern Walk

Off message but on Sunday, as part of my post Conference recovery plan. I went for a countryside walk in deepest Hertfordshire. The walk was glorious as was the weather. Double click picture.

48 hours previously I was sitting with my delegation in a converted Mancunian Railway station, plotting and planning, listening to speeches, while struck down with the recognised UNISON medical condition - “Conference lergie”. 

But now I was walking along lovely peaceful ancient paths and byways. Enjoying the blue skies and the sunshine. Spotting wild deer, being blockaded in by greedy spoilt ponies, having a lunch in the 15th Century pub The Bell and investigating a Flower Festival in a medieval Church. For some inexplicable reason I wondered off route and this Pathfinder 7 mile walk actually turned into 10 miles. Obviously, I suspect UUL sabotage.

It is amazing how few other walkers you see. Every weekend Londoners in particular will travel enormous distances up and down the Country to go walking in the traditional often crowded National Park beauty spots. Yet practically on their doorstep there is fantastic countryside to explore with usually hardly a soul to bother you.

I’ll post other pictures of this wonderful walk on Facebook.

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