Sunday, June 05, 2011

SWP Unite "treachery" and is it Goodbye and Good riddance to "dis-respect" ?

Catching up with things after a week away - first is this Socialist Unity story on the "public act of treachery by the Socialist Workers Party" over the ending of the Unite BA Cabin Crew dispute.  Now I don't comment normally on other unions internal affairs. 

But when will centre left trade unionists learn that this is just what the "ultra left" do!!! If their Central Committees don't think something will further the revolution they will instruct their representatives to stab the union and the local reps in the back.  This is called "democratic centralism".  They have to do what they are told to do by their non union CC or be expelled as some sort of class traitor. 

I've listened to a load of stuff and nonsense in recent months from Unite activists about how the "United Left" in Unite all get on with each other, work together and don't have the sectarian battles we have in other unions.  - Yeah.

Don't you dare say I didn't warn you about this (you know who you are). 

On a more happy front this report from Dis-respect suggests I think (and others) that following their disastrous performance in the May Elections (I love Glasgow) that they may disband.  Dis-respect did take in some good people but surely this is good riddance to bad rubbish. Hat-tip Ali G.

The youtube video is from Icepicker100 is I think quite apt.

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