Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Tea time for change: Westminster Lobby Thurs 9 June

I've just signed up at the Tea time for change website here.  They are holding a lobby at Westminster on Thursday and have over 100 MP's who are planning to attend and have a cup of tea with a 1000 plus supporters to discuss taking a stand over global poverty.  I have emailed my MP.  I doubt I will be able to make this event but I will try and support this campaign whenever I can.

Guests include "Mitchell MP, Secretary of State for International Development, and Harriet Harman MP, Shadow Secretary of State for International Development,...Jan Ravens, comedienne and impressionist from Dead Ringers and Spitting Image"

For once (please, please don't tell anyone) I actually s-u-p-p-o-r-t this Government over their commitment to match the Labour promise to spend 0.7% on overseas aid (imperfect as it is).  There is obviously a split in the Government and we all need to support those few elements in it who are actually worried about their soul.  


Robert said...

I tend to agree in aid, but once you see how aid is sometimes used it's pretty shocking.

When you see how much of the money actually gets to the front line, after bribes. back hand payments to border guards, it's a wonder anyone gets help.

yes it sounds great that the Tories are going to spend the same as labour, but some how I doubt it.

John Gray said...

Hi Robert

I think it is important to put this in prospective. The vast majority of UK aid is spent properly.

Yes, I doubt that the Tories and Lib Dems.

Some of it may well turn into "support" (bribes) for British arms exports.