Sunday, June 12, 2011

iPad: A Rotton Apple? Exploitation of Workers by Foxconn

This shocking video exposes the Apple iPad production plant in China run by Foxconn.  The opening sequence is pretty horrific with some graphic pictures.   It seems pretty clear that Apple allows Foxconn to treat its workers with contempt.  A company that has to fit anti-suicide nets to its factory living quarters.  Apple has a responsibility to sort out its subcontractors.

The video was produced by SACOM the campaigning academic group. 

Hat tip to Johninnit who is in a genuine ethical delemma about whether or not he can in all conscience upgrade his existing smartphone

I wonder what pension funds who will own shares in Foxcann and Apple can do? Surely as owners of Apple and Foxconn we too have a responsibility for what is being done with our own money?


Robert said...

It's a growing problem even here, we have a company which pre packs meat from Ireland, this company hardly employs anyone locally, instead they use Polish workers brought here by an agency, so all the workers are agency part time, do not get paid holidays, not even the min wage, they have had fine after fine, but it's worth the fines as they never get done enough.

If your in a Union you have had it.

I suspect in the coming Tory years we will see this type of thing happen to some degree here as people are forced into work.

But people seem to have changed the world has changed under Thatcher, Blair and even Brown for that matter everyone now looks after number on to some degree.

John Gray said...

HI Robert

What is the name of that company?

The world can change back again.

Robert said...

Dawn meats

John Gray said...

Hi Robert

They do seem to be a bit dodgy but nothing like what you allege.

I'll try to speak to someone in Unite.

While "glorious defeats" do no-one any good - Never give up and never stop fighting for what is right.