Monday, June 13, 2011

Robin Hood takes on the City Empire

Hat tip TUC ToUChstone "This Wednesday, the annual bankers’ and merchants’ dinner will be held at Mansion House. Before they start quaffing champagne and knocking back the caviar (ok, we’re not certain they’ll be on the menu, but it won’t be pork pies and stout, you can be sure of that!) you can take action to call for an end to the reckless gambling of the finance sector and demand a Robin Hood Tax to control speculation and raise billions every year for good things like spending on education, health and action against climate change here and around the world.

We’ll be playing a giant game of roulette with people’s jobs and lives in an iconic City of London location (to be announced) with a massive Peter Kennard photo-montage as a backdrop.
Come along on Wednesday lunchtime – dress up if you can! – and have fun while making a very serious point. If you can come, register to attend at and we’ll send you details nearer the time.


Robert said...

Hope you all have a good day out, a Robin Hood tax brilliant idea it was when labour were in power and it's a great idea when we have a Tory bunch.

I notice reports today that Unison are seeking strike action to protect pensions. Teachers are talking of strike action and the Fire brigade in my area are looking at strike action after being told our fire station may close or be run by volunteers, how the hell can you run a largish town with volunteers

John Gray said...

Hi Robert


UNISON is building for a row. Its put up or shut time.