Saturday, June 25, 2011

UNISON NDC 2011: Guardian Focus Podcast "Unions Strike back".

This Guardian audio podcast was posted yesterday here.  The first 10 minutes were recorded on Tuesday morning at UNISON conference.

First they interviewed Karen Jennings (Head of UNISON Health), then me (Head of ums and uhs), Anne McCormack (Further Education), Monica Hirst (London Nurse), Mike Davey (London Nurse) and James Anthony (Birmingham nurse).

I think that (apart from me naturally) they gave a very good account of themselves and the reasons why UNISON members will go out on strike, if necessary, to defend their pensions.  They made calm but committed, articulate, logical and proportionate arguments.  No shouting, ranting or unintelligible sloganising.

This is the sort of modern, thoughtful trade unionism that will help win this dispute (...and drive the Tory tabloid gutter press bonkers with frustration).

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