Monday, March 21, 2011

Lyn Brown MP attacks Tories over abolition of EMA

Watch this YouTube clip of West Ham Labour MP, Lyn Brown, tearing into this Tory–led Coalition while on the floor of the House of Commons, over the abolition of the Educational Maintenance Allowance (EMA).


Anonymous said...

Lyn Brown says (1:35) "only 3 other English local authorities have higher levels of child poverty in the country".

Whose fault is that?

Lyn Brown MP was right when she says "odds are stacked against people."

Robin Wales has been in office for 3 terms. We have seen a decline in the area. But don't worry we can fix the problem if we buy £100million council offices and award ourselves pay rises and loan £60 million to West Ham united. Oh lets sell off Queens market, so we can plunder the family silver.

Lets increase parking prices in East Ham to £2 per hour, so that when Westfield opens, everyone will go there for the 10,000 free parking spaces. So we can kill all the local shops.

Only one year to the Olympics and Borough still looks like crap. Where is the promised regenerations for the East End?

Chris Godwin said...

I would have thought it was obvious whose fault. We live in a unfair society which needs to be changed. We need a fairer taxation system and redistribution of wealth.

Lyn Brown is right about the "odds" and they are about to get much, much worse under the Tories.

Newham has improved tremendously in recent years. No one but the lazy and incompetent "opposition" in Newham can deny this. There is still problems but why do you people tell such whoppers about Newham and constantly run it down?

If you don't like Newham – then please move. People who slag off our borough at all opportunities should just go forth somewhere else and multiple.

Anonymous said...

@ Chris Godwin

How will fair taxes have helped Robin Wales wasting £100million on new council offices?

So you don't object to waste of money?

Chris Godwin said...

Anonymous, Council across the country have been centralising back office services to save money.

Have you never heard of "Total Place"?

Only someone playing petty politics will not see that Building 1000 will save the Council loads of money.

Bob Smith said...


Really excellent speech by Lyn - thanks for highlighting it. As a local school governor, I have been told by pupils and teachers that the abolition of EMA will mean that many will find it hard to attend sixth form and go onto University. The Tories are returning us to the dark days of my youth when I saw highly intelligent friends leave school at 16 because they could not afford to stay on.

I do wish the anonymous contributors would have the bottle to name themselves and stop blaming everything on the Mayor.

You know I strongly disagree with him on many issues but the EMA is nothing to do with him, and Lyn's speech lays the blame where it should be laid...with the Lib/Dem/Con coalition. Shame on them.

Anonymous said...

And how exactly are the Council saving money? Most of the buildings that they vacated to move to B1k are still empty, and they are moving Council services back to them to avoid paying the penalty of the rates payment ( all empty properties will be charged full BR empty or not from April 1).The move was an excuse to be more like TH and yet another ego trip for Robin and his merry men.

Chris Godwin said...

nonsense anonymous. It is just commonsense to centralise services. Everybody is doing it.

Makes even more sense now Royal Socks will be an Enterprise Zone.