Sunday, March 13, 2011

March with us for Newham: Saturday 26th March

I am really pleased that in Newham, our Local Labour Party and trade unions are mounting a joint campaign against these vile Tory-led Government cuts.  This Labour Movement family leaflet was jointly produced and paid for by the Party and the unions.  Yesterday it was handed out across Newham.

Never let anyone forget that the blame for these massive and unnecessary cuts lies solely with this dogmatic and ideological Tory-led government.  There is an alternative.



Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.Gray, This is not so much a comment on this post but a request if you wouldn't mind?The "TUC 60 second ad" competition closes today and there is a week before judging on 21 March. It's about the cuts. In the meantime people can go on the site and rate what they think of the videos. Already there's been a lot of entries. Could you please do a post promoting this? Many thanks, Angus.

John Gray said...

Hi Angus

I had intended to post on this competition. Will plug the judging!

Airport (Anon) said...

Mr Gray, it is good to see people fighting the cuts. But perhaps, it would be better if Newham Councillors would have helped locals with cuts in flights at London City Airport.

The campaigners lost Court case against Newham Council over airport expension to 120,000 flights.

The airport is now gloating and says they will expand even further. Who is there to stop them?

Compare Newham Council with those near Heathrow and Stanstead. Both of them fighting expansion every step of the way.

But in Newham, Councillors have been helping the airport every step of the way.

Airport (Anon) 2 said...

What I mean to say the Councils in Heathrow and Stanstead both fought expansion and won. But Newham Council is the total opposite, they helped the airport.

Another airport anon said...

thanks to the Tory cuts the jobs and revenue brought in by City airport will become even more important to Newham.

Keep up the good work Newham Council!

bob said...


As much as I deplore the Tory cuts ( Iam being made redundant from the NHS in 2 weeks time), it is worth noting that LBN was already planning £70m in cuts before the general election. LBN cannot blame all the misery in Newham on the atrocious coalition, which is what you are suggesting.

John Gray said...

Hi Bob
As you know we have discussed your redundancy and I hope things work out for you in the future as planned.

However, you are completely factually incorrect about the "£70 million" cuts and you are in danger of giving credence to the Tory lies that Labour Councils don't have to make cuts and are just deliberately cutting to embarrass the government.

Anonymous said...

Bob as much as I hate to admit it militant john is right. Newham labour party loves spending our money so there was no reduction in the total bill. They just moved money about from one budget to another budget.

This new government is reducing the whole total budget by 26% which I think is good news for hard working Newham taxpayers.

bob said...

If I am wrong, why was the Mayor "advising" the former Governor of California on how he could make cuts to his budget? If I am wrong, why did the Mayor announce £70m in savings? If I am wrong why were the unions that represent LBN employees protesting about the Mayor's cuts?

If Labour is to regain credibility in the face of the Tory onslaught, it surely has to be honest about its own past and plans.

John Gray said...

You're wrong Bob - you are mixing oranges and lemons and playing the Tories card.

Anonymous said...

since bob thinks that the cuts in newham are alright and nothing worse than before then Cameron should cut newham even more. He should make it 50% cuts. why should my money be spent on free school meals - that is the responsibility of the parents not me.

bob said...

Not sure who anon is, but I don't agree with the cuts in Newham whether instigated by Labour, or as a result of the disastrous Tory/Lib-dem policies.

John - I don't think I am mixing oranges and lemons so I guess we will agree to disagree. I understand your position as a Labour Councillor.

We can certainly agree on the stupidity of the Coalition policies that will effect areas like Newham far more than the more well off areas of the country, Its a disgrace and needs to be opposed.

John Gray said...

Hi Bob

this has nothing to do with my elected position but as you say it has everything to do with "the stupidity of the Coalition policies that will effect areas like Newham far more than the more well off areas of the country, It’s a disgrace and needs to be opposed".

This Tory led government is not only attacking the poor and the vulnerable, it is attacking all of us and needs not only to be opposed but defeated in elections.

Newham Watcher said...

well if John doesn't think what's going on in darkest Newham has anything to do with his elected position perhaps its not just Coalition politics that can be labelled stupid ......

Mayor 4% pay rise - £58k to £83 in 9 years (is he a banker?); council staff 4 year pay freeze

£18.9 million Newham council tax payers money spent on decorating the Mayor's vanity building in Docklands

Cuts to vital local services whilst we spend £567,000 producing a glossy self publicity magazine

Councillos earning 330-40k a year for part time responsibilities

Where does it end?

Yes the cuts are vile, BUT the choices of what to spend and what to cut are exactly that - choices, passively voted through by a 100% Labour council (including you John), so yes the bad choices are completely to do with your elected position.

Get real, get honest

John Gray said...


What a load of garbage! For crying out large when will you lot please start attacking the politics not the person.

Why oh why does Newham suffer from such a completely rubbish opposition who cannot string a single political argument together. Trots and Tories alike.

No wonder we won 63 nil in Newham.

Anonymous said...

Another airport anon said..."
thanks to the Tory cuts the jobs and revenue brought in by City airport will become even more important to Newham. "

Why don't you cound the jobs the airport has costs and set that off against the jobs it has created. You will end up witha deficit. That does not even include all the people that are forced to leave the area.

Since the airport has opened, it has never met any of the jobs target. How many airlines pilots do you see walking down Newham?.

The City Airport only employ 120 people from newham. A local supermarket employs more local people....

Anonymous said...

"when will you lot please start attacking the politics not the person"

That's rich coming from you!

John Gray said...

Hi Anon 08.49


Chris Godwin said...

Anonymous, City Airport is the largest private sector employer in the borough. Yes, there is a price to pay from noise but it means relatively well paid and skilled jobs for local people, both at the airport itself and businesses attracted to the area by such good communication links.

We have enough minimum wage and unskilled jobs in supermarkets thank you. I doubt very much you work in one.