Tuesday, March 08, 2011

There Is Power In A Union

Class conflict in the first sucessful Revolutionary Republic?

"About twenty of Madison Wisconsin's bluegrass musicians, as the collective Pickers' Local 608, gathered at Audio For The Arts on Sunday, March 6th 2011, to record their own version of There Is Power In A Union, with special featured guest banjo man Bill Evans! Thanks to Kirsten M. for the camera work! Bluegrass Local 608 includes members of The Oak Street Ramblers, The Malt Liquors, Cork 'N Bottle String Band, The Pints, Spare Time Bluegrass Band, Northern Pikers, and others...


bob said...


I prefer the Billy Bragg version. Your clip has an all white ensemble with a John Denver look alike and rather disturbingly, a Stephen Hawking look alike singing off a crib sheet. The whole thing took me back to jam sessions in the seventies which I'd rather not remember!

Perhaps you could find a clip with Bob Crowe singing along

John Gray said...

Hi Bob

A UNISON NEC member also pointed out that Vladimir Putin makes an appearence!