Monday, March 14, 2011

Lisa Nandy MP and John Cryer MP Fund Raiser

Picture from last week's Labour Party fund raising meal in Southwark for Lisa Nandy MP and John Cryer MP. 

It was a rare combination of an excellent meal, lots of table political debate (and the odd bit of juicy gossip) as well as some great speeches. 

Guest speakers were John Healey MP and Dennis Skinner MP with the traditional Labour Party auction led by the Daily Mirror's finest, Kevin McGuire.   The supporters were local Party members, affiliated unions, friends and family.

Dennis gave a typical barn storming speech.  He pointed out that in 1997 £33 Billion was spent on the NHS while in 2010 Labour spent £113 billion.  He is a survivor of Cancer and a Heart attack who would not be here now without the NHS.

He talked about the "Tribune Test".    He and John don't just disagree with the Tories but both of them detest them and what they do.

John Healey talked about how he use to manage 2000 people as Housing minister, however he is now ordering his own stationary and photocopying.  He notes that despite defeat the Labour Party has not turned amongst ourselves as the Tories did in 1997.  There is so much at stake and so much depends on us.  What the Tories did in 1980s with Utilites they will now do now with our public services. 

They are not making these cuts because they need to - it is because they want to.

Update: in the traditional Labour Party raffle I won "Change" by Barack Obama.


Catherine McMullen said...

Same here in the US, John. The cuts are just mean-spirited, middle-finger-extended, gotcha acts. What is wrong with people that they forget their working class roots? What is wrong with people that they can be so lacking in compassion? They think they are blessed but in fact most of us are one illness or other crisis away from financial disaster.I pay plenty in taxes and don't mind that some of it goes to helping people in need. I just wish more did instead of paying for pointless wars and absolving the wealthy of paying their fair share.

John Gray said...

Hi Catherine
As your wise compatriot, Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, once said: 'I like to pay taxes. With them I buy civilization"

Damien McKee said...

Would you agree that mcmulcats comments regarding the working class who forget their roots would accurately describe Tory Mp's from working class backgrounds such as Nadine Dorries,Phillip Davies,Esther McVey,Stewart Jackson etc,who seem to adopt the "if I can do it you can do it" mentality when it's not as simple as that and would you agree with my dad when he says the only working class who vote Tory are the snobs who think they are something?

John Gray said...

Hi Damien

Yes, I would agree with McMucat on this and while I am certain that my Dad would have agreed with yours - I don't think it is quite that simple.

The British working class has always tended to be socially conservative (with a small c)but at the same time they can economically radical.

While we won't win over everyone - with the right arguments and policies the "fish and chip" Tories (my Dad) will be just a small rump.

Damien McKee said...

What is your view on former chairman of the Conservative Humanist assocoation Jeffrey Peel remarking in a speech that "Margaret Thatcher presided over one of the greatest redistributions of wealth".Would you agree it shows up Tory philopshphie for what it is?

John Gray said...

Hi Damien

From the rich to the even richer.