Friday, March 11, 2011

Join Ken on 26 March and tell Cameron, Osborne and Boris there is an alternative.


Paul Cooney said...

Can you explain why only 11 Labour MPs voted against the Welfare reforms this week? John McDonnell has said that Ed Miliband decided the PLP should only vote for amendments to the Tories Welfare cuts Bill & then abstain on the main vote. We are looking for leadership from Ed and this doesn't smack of it to me. The PLP should be leading by example on this and many other attacks on us all.

John Gray said...

Hi Paul
I would rather trust Ed’s judgement rather than McNoHoper who seems to be up to his old tricks. I understand that abstaining was a tactic to try and encourage the Lib Dems to split and vote for the Labour amendment.

Is it too much to expect some resemblance of loyalty and discipline by all Labour MP's in our battle against the Tories? Don’t they realise that Labour is not in government anymore and cannot now afford such gesture politics?

The only ones who will benefit from any failure in collective responsibility are the Tories and their Orange book allies.

It's about time some people realised this.

Damien McKee said...

Why do you call John McDonnell McNoHoper?

John Gray said...

et al