Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Newham Labour Movement Family meet up for TUC March

This is a picture of local trade union and Labour Party members meeting up outside Stratford Station on Saturday morning to go on the TUC March.

East Ham MP Stephen Timms, Newham Mayor Sir Robin Wales and about 50 Councillors, trade union activists and local residents marched together against these Tory led government cuts and for an alternative economic policy.

Many more from Newham of course marched with their trade unions and affiliates or with friends and families.   I was by then already with my UNISON branch and London region at Embankment. 
The joint leafleting beforehand across Newham by Party members and union activists helped contribute in a small but symbolic way to the success of the March.  It encouraged many ordinary Newham residents to attend who would not have gone otherwise and showed that the Labour movement family when working together can deliver.

Picture Ali G.


Anonymous said...


A mayor and 50 councillors who voted to sack 1000 local public sector workers.

I'm sure the rest of Newham's Labour "family" are so grateful.

Are you at no point ever embarrased at taking the moral highground on your blog, whilst knifing workers in the back in one of your several (well-paid) day jobs?

Anonymous said...

they cannot count john. there are 60 cllrs not 50 and the Tories are the reason for any sackings.

What, err, ae the "several(well paid)" jobs?

Tories - lies and liars. No surprise.

Anonymous said...

Great coverage of this Labour Movement event in the Newham Recorder.

The local "rent-a-mob" trots and yob Tories will be furious.

Anonymous said...

Do you think the public are that stupid?

It was under Blair/Brown that the economy was screwed up.

Blair/Brown are responsible for two economic problems. One is the banks and the other is excessive borrowing by the government for spending. It is like the country running up a huge credit card bill and then saying we have an economic boom. It was a fake economic boom.

So exactly where did the money go?

Now we have to have cuts, just to pay off those huge government credit card bills.

Chris Goodwin said...

No, Brown and Blair were not responsible for the banks. They were naive at worse.

It was the Tory thieves and fraudsters who ran the banks and financed the Tory Party who were solely responsible for this recession.

If No Tory Banking thieves and No Tory banking fraudsters, No collapse in tax revenue, No increase in unemployment benefits and No recession.