Monday, March 28, 2011

UNISON NEC Elections 2011: Community Service Group General

This morning I received a letter from UNISON headquarters telling me that I had been elected unopposed as a National Executive Council (NEC) member for UNISON Community Service Group - General seat. 

I must admit to being just a little disappointed that there will not be a full contest but this will free up my time to support other sensible left comrades who will be fighting contested seats.  Many thanks to all the branches with Community members who nominated me.  I am really proud to be one of the first two Community NEC members of UNISON. Congratulations to Isobel McVicar from Manchester City Branch who was also automatically elected.

I will take up this seat for two years after the UNISON National Delegate Conference in June. 

In the meanwhile my many good comrades in UNISON United left have sent me this YouTube video above to celebrate the occasion.  



Anonymous said...

Christ on a bike - it comes to something when the Trots can't even muster a single contender from a whole bloody service group. Well done to you and Izzy, though!

Anonymous said...

the "trots" are finished in unions and politics. who cares about long dead germans and russians. Green and Black are the new colours.

Anonymous said...

well done john. the trots are in disarray. you defeated them in the london AGM by 50% of the vote and they didn't even have a slate for the london apf elections.

Anonymous said...

see paul robesons english version

Anonymous said...

Great news from the UNISON members in London
Another Victory for the left