Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Reclaiming the Union

A comrade has sent me the latest edition ("March 2008" - not yet on line) of “Workers” the monthly magazine of the “Communist Party of Britain Marxist-Leninist” (which bizarrely some red baiters seem to think has taken over UNISON???). Their article on page 3 is pretty interesting with a "Marxist" interpretation of recent events in London UNISON?


Reclaiming the union

THE POLITICAL sea change in London Unison continues. For the third year running, the members painfully reclaiming their Regional Council from the hands of one or two remaining entryists in the Labour Party and their ultra-left allies, have triumphed again in key convenor and regional committee elections.

The members returning the union to its members – a refreshing sign of maturity and clarity in the trade unions either bereft of direction or mesmerised with meaningless sloganising."

On this point - who am I to disagree?


Anonymous said...

welcome to the fold to comrade

marshajane said...

But what about their position on imigration JG?

Surely you dont agree with that?

And I notice you havent thanked the anonymous poster for welcoming you to the fold!

John Gray said...

Hi Marsha

I don’t really know that much about the CPB (ML). However, I know our beloved Labour government has positions on immigration and also nuclear energy which upset many Party members. Yet they still remain in the Party.

Looking through “Workers” I really don’t see that its politics and aims are that different from many other Marxist groups I have come across (although to my mind its political realism about the state that trade unions are in may be). So I have been a bit surprised to see certain people (mention no names!) attacking them so virulently?

You are quite right I forgot to thank the anonymous poster for welcoming me to the fold! I wasn’t quite sure what to thank him (or her) for at the time.