Monday, February 25, 2008

International RSI Day, 29 February 2008

Another important health & safety compaign this week
and yet another straight lift from the excellent Risks - the weekly TUC email bulletin on H&S.

"Union reps should start gearing up for International RSI Day, the last day of February every year. In 2008 - a leap year - that means Friday 29 February. Whether you do a workplace risk assessment, a bodymapping session or just a bit of general awareness raising, make sure you do something. Unions can order a special 'Repeat after me' RSI day poster from the Hazards Campaign. The massively popular posters, produced by Hazards magazine, say: 'Repeat after me: Too much, too fast, too often is too painful too stand. Repetitive strain injuries. Don't let them repeat the same old mistakes.'
'Repeat after me' poster. Email the Hazards Campaign for poster order details."

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