Friday, February 29, 2008

“Construction Deaths on a Par with Armed Forces”

While the latest news is that Prince Harry (correctly in my view) has been removed from Afghanistan following the disclosure that he was there with his military unit, I was reminded of certain comments. Guess who said: -

“In the six years to 2004, there were 504 construction-related deaths, and 522 in the Armed forces over the same period. It’s pretty staggering – do people really think when they go into construction that they’re going into an industry that has nearly a high fatality as the Armed services”.

This person was the guest speaker at this years Institute of Safety & Health (IOSH) annual Dinner. He then went on to say about the IOSH

"There is an unbelievable and totally unfair negative image of your profession in the UK. The prevention of work-related injuries and deaths is too important not to fight it”.

The Daily Hate and the “health & safety are the new Taliban” brigade will no doubt be seething about this impossible leftie for saying such a thing.

Well, believe it or not the speaker was Tory shadow work and pensions minister, Andrew Selous.
Whether he means it or not is another thing of course.

In just less than two months it is “Workers Memorial Day” 28 April 2008. I’ll post further about this important event.


Anonymous said...

..and many of the armed forces deaths could have been avoided if Brown half half adequately supported them. What was that two coronors said just last week...avoidable deaths...troops inadequately equipped and out gunned by Afghan rebels? Brown only wen to the MOD once in all his time as chancellor? Its shameful..

John Gray said...

Hi Anon

I think you will find that the problems reported are due to MOD procurement failures not GB. I am also not sure that actually “anyone” is to blame. However, I wish that the MOD was not so dominated by retired senior officers and public school/Oxbridge civil servants. I think we could do better.

However, housing for Armed forces personnel is simply a disgrace.