Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dipsticks against London pollution charging

A Post on Porsche, the German luxury motor manufacturer, which makes cars for rich London Morons. Porsche is trying to take legal action against “our Ken” for introducing a £25 charge on the dipsticks that drive such rubbish as Porsche.

Sign an online petition against Porsche and check out the web sites of Labour Mayor Ken Livingstone and the Labour London Assembly candidates who are all opposed to this Porsche nonsense.

Why does Porsche want to poison Londoners?

Also, why on earth are democratically elected politicians in London putting up with this sort of interference by very rich, unaccountable and historially dubious foreign companies?

(Picture of Hitler and Ferdinand Porsche looking at car model in 1936).


Anonymous said... have to try to rise above your envy...

John Gray said...

Hi Anon

I live directly overlooking a busy London street. I can’t rise above the berks driving polluting cars which are doing the best to poison me and my neighbours. I’m not that tall!

Envy, Moi? I love my rather battered 2nd hand diesel Skoda (Good socialist Car) why would I be envious of someone driving a no cred willie substitute such as a Porsche?

Anonymous said...

Your crappy Skoda is probably responsible for more you never had a foreign holiday on a plane either?

John Gray said...

Hi Anon
My lovely Skoda is now a bit old but regularly serviced (and is a diesel). Yes, I do go on holiday on planes, but I do not live 30,000 feet high but on street level. Your mates in their Nazi Porsches and Chelsea tractors drive only 3m past my front door.