Sunday, February 03, 2008

Barack Obama - Yes We Can

Earlier on today I had yet another rather dispiriting exchange with a BNP supporter on my blog over Ken Livingstone and the London GLA elections. Is it politically incorrect to call people morons nowadays?

Tonight, while checking out my daily “bloggers4labour” digest, I came across the Tom Watson MP link to “Yes We Can - Barack Obama Music video”. Tom calls it “powerful” stuff. I agree. Barack really has got something. He is very, very good. I’m not naturally that keen on inspirational “Kennedy” type figures. However, maybe I am just a little too cynical?

Anyway, good luck to the US Democratic Party candidates. Either way there will be UNISON members who will be giving up their holidays and flying across the pond to help out in the actual Presidential elections.

I know I shouldn’t but if Ken decides to retire (God forbid of course) as Mayor in 2012, I just hope we have an inspirational Black Labour candidate whose parents were originally immigrants to London. The prospect of winding up BNP supporters with such a candidate is just too good to miss.


Anonymous said...

Like your post. We need all the help we can get to fend off Republican attacks. Let me know when you cross the pond.

John Gray said...

Hi Terry
I was actually referring to some good UNISON comrades who have gone over to help in the past.

I may be able to help but can you send me your email address or someone who is co-ordinating things in the UK?

Anonymous said...


Great blog. I don't agree with the black candidate for Mayor for the reason you suggested though - the BNP wind themselves quite well all on their own, don't you think?

Oh and by the way - Yes We Can!

Best wishes

John Gray said...

Hi Sarah
Yes, you are quite right about the BNP....and YES WE CAN!