Friday, February 01, 2008

Tories want £4 million cut to London Police & Fire Brigade

"Tories on the London Assembly have announced they would cut £4 million from London's Fire Service to save tax payers just 14p a week.

Their proposals leave most of the Mayor's budget in tact and show there is only one party setting the agenda for London.

John Biggs, Labour's Assembly budget spokesman, said, "For the last four years City Hall has been full of Tory hot air as they huff and puff about our 'over-spending, wasteful Mayor'. So why have they accepted 90% of his budget? Where are their fresh policies for the future of London? Their proposal for a £4 million cut to London's Fire Service will put Londoners - especially older Londoners - at risk for the sake of saving them 14p."

"There will be a clear choice for Londoners in May: continuing investment in public transport, police and the fire service alongside free travel for the young, disabled and elderly, more affordable housing and action on climate change OR a 14p weekly council tax saving, cuts to our emergency services and not a single new policy to speak of."

After eight years in opposition, London's voters will expect more than the same old tired promises on tax. The Conservatives have shown they have neither the the ability nor the imagination to run our city.

"Commenting on the Tories' proposal to cut community and home safety fire services - relied on by the elderly and those on low incomes Assembly Member Val Shawcross, who chairs London's Fire and Emergency Planning Authority (LFEPA) said, "Be in no doubt, the cuts proposed by the Conservatives would put Londoners at risk. At a time when the Authority's budget is already stretched, the Tories want to impose cuts. The Authority has already voted against their dangerous proposals."

"The Conservative amendment to the Mayor's budget proposes a £10 million cut in the grant provided to the Met by the GLA for additional officers and equipment and almost £4 million from the Fire Authority's budget)

(press release from GLA Labour group.)

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