Thursday, March 08, 2012

Save Our NHS Rally

Below are the tweets (and retweets) I made at last nights "Save Our NHS" rally at Westminster. It was a really impressive display of the wide breath of opposition to the proposed reforms. The first tweets start on the bottom.
  • "Just congratulated Mary Locke (see picture) for making great speech. She is making her way home by train to brum
  • Good to see the LRC trots showing their true colours and heckling those who are trying to do something about the bill
  • "If I become the next S of S for health I will repeal this Bill" Andy Burnham MP
  • Last but not least Andy Burnham MP labour Shadow Sec of State for Health. "No longer one NHS"
  • Dr Alex Scott-Samuel, public health physician: The NHS is in danger of becoming nothing but "a logo, a budget & a few quangos"
  • "Non cooperation with evil is a duty as much as cooperating with good" MG
  • Another public health professional against the bill. Dr Alex Scott-Samuel. "There will be more deaths under this new system".
  • So, why are people yelling at an MP who has voted the right way every time?
  • Prof. John Ashton director of public health and country medical officer, cumbria. Have big society pickle picnic in gate head
  • Don't let r NHS slide into a USA model. Video of US health worker talking of their privatised health service. Steel worker union?
  • Top unison hospital house keeper Mary Locke tells it as it is!
  • Dr Clive Peedell who ran 190 miles to publise Save our NHS. He will be running 42 miles on Friday to Newcastle to lib cons
  • Rehana Azam GMB National officer and head of NHS "if we had the Royal College of Surgeons we would have a full house"
  • Why r people heckling speakers who are doing their best to defeat the bill? Hmmm
  • Blast from the past. Lord Dr David Owen. "I have never been a Liberal" response to heckle
  • Cecilia Anim clinical nurse. Fight to save r beloved NHS. Kill the bill not the NHS
  • 169k signatures for NHS risk regsiter debate but Gov still refusing to hold one Dr Kailash Chand
  • More selfish wreckers and splitters leave with via a helping hand. One dressed as a cat? Was it george galloway?
  • BMA Dr Hamish Meldrum supports his fellow health workers. A unusually dapper trade union leader
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