Friday, October 29, 2021

Street Canvass: West Ham Ward 28.10.21

This collage is from yesterday's street surgery in West Ham ward. My Councillor colleague, John Whitworth and myself ,was joined by Junaid and Ash (who is a new member of our ward). For the first time, in my experience, all 4 of us had access to the Labour Party "doorstep" app on our phones. 

This effectively meant there was no "board runner" (before this app canvassers had to wait to be told who to call at and then report back any info to the "board runner to record on paper, which would then have to be later on inputted online) and we were able to move and speak to more residents far, far faster than before. 

I picked up quite a lot of case work as a local Councillor - outstanding repairs (Housing Association), refuge staff leaving bins on pathways blocking disabled residents; more serious pavement trip hazards; ASB; payments for residents self isolating due to Covid and a long but respectful conversation with a proud Brit resident of Indian origin, who felt that Labour was "anti-Indian".  I hope at the end of this conversation he had changed his mind.  

We will hopefully be canvassing every Thursday from now on at 5.30pm to 7pm, meeting outside the ATL Café at 125 Plaistow Road, E15. Best to check out our ward Facebook page beforehand. On Saturday's we support solidarity campaigning in other wards. 

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