Saturday, October 02, 2021

Custom House doorstep on Labour National Campaign Day

I was out today with comrades in Custom House ward, West Ham. It was a little wet but using the Labour Party Doorstep app on our smartphones meant that we didn't have soggy and disintegrating paper canvass sheets to record information upon. However, a wet smartphone is not a happy one either but we got by. 

We went to a traditional "East End" part of Custom House and while support for Labour was generally very good, we did get our ears bashed from time to time. But people were on the whole glad to see us but some relucent to open their front doors due to the rain. I can't blame them, it was wet. 

The cats I saw were completely unimpressed with us (see collage) 

I had taken a Covid lateral flow test beforehand as I was a little worried that (despite being fully vaccinated) I might have picked it up at Labour Conference this week, however it was negative (so far). 

Afterwards some of us went for lunch at the "West Ham Fish Bar" in Canning Town. A great way to finish a canvass. . 

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