Thursday, April 08, 2021

We're voting for Change: Newham Governance Referendum May 6, 2021


Dear friends,

Please find attached our latest campaign newsletter; feel free to share and forward to friends and comrades.


- Our brand new leaflets - get in touch if you're able to deliver any in your local area by replying to this email

- Support our crowdfunder! We're raising funds to make a video to maximise our social media reach while physical campaigning is limited.

- Join our Digital Army! Our Whatsapp group will share campaign materials and actions for supporters.

- And catch some of our recent appearances on local media: John Whitworth in Newham Voices ………. John Gray speaks to Puru Miah and Andrew Wood on Relaks Radio’s Politics show ………. Josephine Grahl and Anam Islam chat to Jenny Fisher on East London News’s ‘The Tuesday Show’

In comradeship,

Newham Voting for Change





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