Monday, April 12, 2021

Happy 80th Birthday Mum!

This is the 2nd "off message" post in a row but it is my personal blog and many families in the UK (and elsewhere) are in similar circumstances. Gill and I spoke to my Mum on FaceTime this morning  to wish her happy birthday and had a lovely chat. 

My sisters and I had chipped together to buy her a new IPAD for her 80th. Thank God for Facetime during the past 13 months!

She had her 2nd Covid Jab on Saturday (Oxford Zeneca - no side effects so far). I am discussing with staff in her Housing Association sheltered accommodation block (in North Wales) how and when we can go and see her. The last time was August last year. 

She has a new Great Grandson (see top right) that she has not even seen yet and while she is really keen to see us all, she recognises she is very vulnerable and only wants to meet when it is safe. Hopefully very soon. 

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