Friday, May 08, 2020

VE Day: Sgt Fred Matthews and Sgt John Gray

Both of my Grandfathers served in the Second World War. My maternal Grandfather ("Taid" in Welsh) Fred Matthews was a sergeant in the RAF See his discharge papers above. He had also managed to live through the carnage of Gallipoli and the Western Front in the First World War (during which he had been decorated with a Military Cross)

My paternal Grandfather (yet another John Gray) was also a sergeant but in the British Army for the whole of World War 2. He had been a Territorial soldier before the war and was one of the first to be called up. However, apart from knowing that he served in a Scottish anti-aircraft regiment,  I know nothing about his wartime service. Family folklore is that he may have been stationed in London during the Blitz and that he was part of a Unexploded Bomb (UXB) team.

I have finally downloaded the forms to apply to the Army records office for a copy of his service records.

I wonder how both of them celebrated VE day 75 years ago? Now sadly too late to ask them.

Thinking of both of them today and their comrades. 

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