Monday, May 04, 2020

"A legendary social worker (and Labour movement activist) has retired" Dave Draycott

I have just congratulated on Facebook, Dave Draycott, a former Newham Council social worker and Leeds Labour movement activist (legend) on his retirement.

Dave has been a social worker for 44 years and a very active trade unionist, who also served as a Labour Councillor.

He is not at all "shy and retiring" and over the years he has got himself into bother because of this, from time to time, but in my experience, he has been a good comrade to me and others, as well as a pragmatic and authentic champion of the working class.

On Facebook tonight he posted "Well started in 76 and it’s time to go, retiring from Social Work and my team mates know me so well: single malt and political satire, hits the spot. The pressures of work will not be missed my workmates will, a great bunch."

I am pretty sure that we have not seen the the last of Dave Draycott in our movement. Hat tip to Unmesh for the Facebook link.

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