Thursday, May 14, 2020

Royal Docks & NHS Nightingale Run

This evening I went for sunshine run (aka "very slow jog") from Newham Dockside Building to Thames Barrier across Royal Docks past the now "on standby"NHS Nightingale (Excel Centre) through Custom House back to Newham Dockside. About 4 miles-ish in around 55 minutes (including photo stops)

I was so pleased that the Excel Centre was turned into a London wide NHS Covid-19 hospital facility and so glad that it turned out that it was not really needed (so far and hopefully it never will)

I was thinking of NHS Nightingale and all our key workers during #ClapForKeyWorkers tonight. 


Anonymous said...

How many rough sleepers in Newham could be helped if Sadiq Khan got rid of his tax payer funded Range Rover?

John Gray said...

I think you will find that the Rover is part of a Police attempt to stop him from being murdered by bigots. Seems like the Daily Mail is doing its bit to encourage this. No surprises there.