Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Stop Boris stealing homes from low income families!

Despite the corona virus emergency we must also keep an eye out on what else the government is proposing.

UNISON has spotted that the Tories are proposing to stop local authorities using developers contributions (so called section 106 money) to fund homes for low income families.

Instead it will be used to subsidise first time buyers of private homes.

This will decimate local authorities ability to have homes built for low income families.

If the Government wants to support first time buyers then that is great, but do not do this at the expense of desperate vulnerable homeless or overcrowded families.

So check out UNISON resource links below on these "First Homes" proposals and respond :-
Hat tip great picture to Steve Bell


John Gray said...

dear oh dear. which part of the words "no trolls please" don't these trolls understand! Probably the "please" bit is especially difficult.

John Gray said...

54.To support people to realise the
dream of home ownership, the
Government wishes to ensure that
more developer contributions are used
to deliver homes sold at a discount.
There are two broad options;
a. Prescribe that a percentage of
affordable homes delivered
through section 106 planning
obligations should be First
Homes; or,
b. Prescribe that a percentage of
all units delivered on suitable
sites (over 10 units) are to be
sold as First Homes.
55.The first option means in some cases
Local Authorities may not use section
106 contributions to deliver affordable
housing, including First Homes, and
there is no legal obligation for them to
do so. This may have an impact on
the number of First Homes delivered
overall and in different regions.