Thursday, March 05, 2020

Talk & Walk: Forest Gate Childrens Workhouse then Maternity Hospital - Tragic Fire, Blitz Bombing & Child Cruelty (E7 Now and then)

"Dickensian stories and tales of the midwife in Forest Gate. 1/2 Talk and walk, lead by yours truly, on the 700 pupil residential Victorian workhouse school and 20th century maternity hospital that existed on Forest Lane. Sat 14 Mar 2-3.30pm, The Lodge, Forest Lane. Free. #BFG

2/2 Tragic fire, blitz bombing, child cruelty on the site of Forest Lane Park. Hear about it and visit the memorial to the 26 workhouse boys suffocated there in 1890. Talk/walk: Sat 14 Mar, 2-3.30 at the Lodge Forest Lane, by yrs truly"

Hat tip E7 Now and then (on twitter)

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