Sunday, March 22, 2020

Keep on walking

Advice on the BBC web page confirms that it is still okay to go outdoors for exercise as long as you follow advice to stay 2m apart from others. This advice may change in the future.

Gill and I took advantage of the sunshine today to walk along the Roding Valley Way (picked up at Manor Park). Despite the road traffic noise it is always nice to walk by water. We saw very few people and it was easy to avoid other walkers. We made a point of saying hello to everyone!

Walking along Wanstead flats, we came across these very sensible 3 residents going for a walk with suitable gaps between them (see above).

However, I did see some footballers doing fitness training together, which didn't appear to be very wise in the circumstances.

There are a number of walks, green spaces and parks in Newham and nearby. For many years we have been going for walks in and around the outskirts of London and often we have hardly seen anyone else.

It is really important for physical and mental health that everyone gets out and exercise.

If parks are too popular then they will be closed but in the meanwhile check out :- (some venues and all organised activities are likely to have been suspended)

Check out more photos of todays walk on Facebook here


Anonymous said...

Anon 1

I am not sure if your post is such a good idea. If people are thinking the same thing, then we end up with crowds.

Having access is a good idea, but the problem there is a lack of control. I have avoided going out to bars and restaurants, but I feel I am going nuts.

Spain closed down their beaches, which I though was an overreaction, but looking at crowds heading off to UK seaside, then I feel their action was justified.

Lockdown is n't going to be easy.....

In my local park, which is sparsely populated, people are spitting, coughing, people not picking up after their dogs etc...

Those exercise machines in parks are great, but how often do they get cleaned? I often see muddy foot marks (so may have stepped over someone's spit).

In Spain, Italy etc... people are not allowed on the streets (except for food and medicine). Despite a stricter lockdown, their numbers still keep going up. We are following their numbers.

Here is the data - Daily situation report (WHO)

Spain has 24926 confirmed cases (up to 22nd March). They have 4946 new cases on Sunday - why???? This is despite the lockdown. It does not make sense to me. It keep going up, rather then down.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1

This is my "told you so moment". On 13th February 14:07, I did say we have to take action and close down airports (and sea routes).

Any goods coming in via air should be quarantined. For sea ports, it may not be necessary, if they took a long journey (but they may have stopped off sea ports).

Anonymous said...

I heard on a phone in radio show from an Environmental Health Officer. She said her council sent staff home. So they are n't working!!! Why are n't they out? swabbing food shops, shopping trolleys.... How much of the virus is around?

How prevalent is the virus in the environment and food shops? How about on bank notes? Or those schools for key workers?

How good is the cleaning process?

I wear gloves, but on self-service checkouts, I have to remove them to tap in numbers. I had to put my hand on those filthy touchscreens?

Singapore managed to control it quickly, but they were cleaning down the city quickly.....

Where possible, some of the schools should be turned into extra space for beds. My neighbor has been coughing profusely. Over the weekend. He was sitting on his doorstep (which is n't normal), in distress coughing away. He was sipping a hot drink. I think he was trying to get some fresh air. His cough is probably being carried in the wind.... I assume he has it too. His kids who play on the street with other children, are n't out. I used to see him jogging.... So there is no way for him to isolate away from his kids or family.

The food delivery is 2 weeks plus. I saw the wife go out, I wonder if she goes out for provisions....

May be food on wheels....

John Gray said...

Anon 1? Whats that about?

Please be assured we do everything in accordance to latest advice from government and public health experts.

Stay indoors unless essential & go for a self isolating exercise once a day (this might change but until it does Newham has plenty of parks & green spaces).

Anonymous said...

Self isolating exercise sounds a bit kinky... what type of jogging are we on about here? I remember councillor Grey used to be a jogger too! He's just a walker now though.

John Gray said...

abusive troll comment deleted. what vile views these troller have