Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Tories build fewest homes since Second World War

This article in today's Daily Telegraph shows that the Tories since 2010 will have built the fewest homes since the war. 

"new-build housing completions in England between 2010 and 2019 are set to be approximately 130,000 per year. That is well below the 147,000 of the 2000s or 150,000 of the 1990s, and half of the level in the 1960s and 1970s....

The picture becomes even worse when you factor in population size. In the 1960s, the new-build construction rate in England was roughly the equivalent of one home for every 14 people over the decade. In the 2010s, that ratio was one to 43, more than three times higher."

While this is shocking and helps explain our awful homelessness and affordability problems the only answer on offer from the Tories is to "encourage" home ownership.

Hello? Look at the chart that they used above to illustrate the problems. You can see for yourself that the major reason for the decline in house building is the collapse of Council housing (see the green).  The Private sector and Housing associations never filled this gap.

If you want to solve the housing crisis in the UK then you have to allow Councils to build homes at scale and give them the government subsidy to make them good quality and truly affordable. 

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