Sunday, July 29, 2018

Wanstead Flats Fire July 2018

Pictures taken last weekend from the top of a 308 bus showing the recent fires (from the week before). It was probably the worst fire I can remember in 30 years.

A scary time for many local residents who live adjacent to the flats and it caused massive disruption when surrounding roads were closed (my own car was trapped in Capel Road by a huge emergency water hose for a few days. A minor inconvenience in the scheme of things).

Many thanks to the London Fire Brigade and the City of London Staff.

It looks a little bit like a war zone but there has nearly always been fires every hot summer and the heath will recover and grow back.

This morning I went for a run through the flats and you could see some tiny green shoots, here and there, following the recent rain. Nature is amazing. 

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