Tuesday, July 24, 2018

"Labour councils working with Trade Unions"

This is good news agreement for the Labour movement family.  We should never forget that one of the reasons why the Labour Party was ever able to win power in the first place was that they were able to prove that they were on the side of the workers when in power in local government by paying decent wages, pensions and other terms and conditions.

"The Local Government Association (LGA) Labour Group has developed and formally adopted a ‘Labour Local Government and Trade Union Principles’ document, in partnership with the local government unions – UNISON, GMB, and Unite. The agreement is designed to help establish and strengthen the dialogue between Labour council leaders and councillors and local staff trade unions.

It sets out the standards which the LGA Labour Group believe should be met by Labour councils in their relationships with the unions and their policies, and covers austerity, good industrial relations, exemplary employment practice, the LGPS, promoting equality and in-house services, opposing academisation, and the Trade Union Act.

The document is reviewed annually, and was formally adopted by the LGA Labour Group in July 2018".

Hat tip Keith from UNISON

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