Saturday, February 04, 2017

Seyi speaks to ITN's Lucrezia Millarini on London Tonight about racist filth she has recieved

My local Councillor (and good friend) Seyi Akiwowo was interviewed by ITN about the disgusting and vile racist abuse she has received following a video shown on you tube. Shame on "You Tube" and "Twitter" for doing frankly bugger all about it and failing to even contact her.

You Tube and Twitter are obviously happy to make money out of racist outbursts. All they are bothered are about the number of "hits" so they can sell more stuff. Shame on them as much as the Nazi interbreds who have attacked young Seyi.

I was so proud of Seyi when I first saw the orginal video when she stood up to fascists trying to close her down.

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