Saturday, July 28, 2012

Twitter Joke Appeal: David Allen Green is the Real 007

Great news yesterday that Paul Chambers was cleared by the Lord Chief Justice at the High Court of a criminal conviction for making a daft comment on twitter.

Paul was supported during his appeal(s) by Comedians Stephen Fry and Al Murray.

While his legal team was headed by top solicitor, David Allen Green (also known as blogger "Jack of Kent")

I sent David a twitter message that this is yet another notch for justice in his legal gown!

This is an important victory for free speech and will hopefully make those responsible for protecting us against real terrorist threats think carefully before abusing their powers in such a way. 

I met Paul briefly with David when he was making one of his very many appearances at the Royal Court of Justice (RCJ).

When I was having my own "difficulties" at the RCJ, David helped me out immensely (alongside my Tory comrade, Commissar Robert Dougans). I posted the picture above here (which got this response from you-know-who).

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