Thursday, July 26, 2012

Remploy Strike - 2nd Day of Action

Picture is from this morning's picket line outside the Remploy factory in Barking.  The government is closing 27 factories employing 1,012 disabled workers. 

Check out this BBC report here and GMB press release here.

Local Labour Assembly member John Biggs (left) was there in support. Seen in picture on left with Remploy steward (and Newham Labour Councillor) Jose Alexander (2nd from right)


Robert said...

I went to my local factory, sadly it's all over for the factory, five years ago the factory ten miles away was closed by Peter Hain , and today the labour AM forgot about this saying this was the last time the Tories would close a factory here, I was going to remind him but Gloria a disabled lady told him about it, and he said that was different.

Ah well the name of the government is different but the hype it seems is the same.

The other factory closed five years ago not a single disabled person from that factory has found a job.

John Gray said...

Hi Robert

A wrong decision 5 years ago doesn't justify the slashing and burning of jobs taking place now.