Monday, July 30, 2012

Ted's "big hand to the Olympic volunteers"

Hat tip to Bow Resident (and fellow Gog), Ted Jeory, and his post on the "brilliant Olympic volunteers" who are the unsung heros of the games. It shows there is good in everyone (even in a Sunday Express reporter :)

"This is the first of two posts this morning that are slightly off the Tower Hamlets beat. I’m on Olympics duty for the Sunday Express over the next fortnight (like Mayor Lutfur Rahman, I was at the opening ceremony on Friday and we both agree–again!–it was a wonderful atmosphere).
Here’s the first piece, on the brilliant Olympic volunteers, many of whom, such as my lovely neighbour, Ray Gipson (he’s a steward at the Aquatics Centre), come from Tower Hamlets...(click for link to post".

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