Saturday, July 14, 2012

Keir Hardie 120th Anniversary: Scottish Parliament & Newham Council

The motion below was tabled in the Scottish Parliament last week. Hat tip Dave Watson. Below that is the statement that Newham Mayor Robin Wales gave to the Full Council meeting on 2 July

"Keir Hardie Anniversary

Neil Findlay (Scottish Labour): That the Parliament notes that 4 July 2012 was the 120th anniversary of the election in which Keir Hardie became the Member of Parliament for West Ham South; remembers how Keir Hardie represented miners across Scotland as a trade union official and went on to represent constituents in West Ham South in England and Merthyr Tydfil in Wales as an MP; understands that Hardie used his time in Parliament to fight for a number of issues and greater rights for the working classes; notes that Hardie was a strong proponent for votes for women, which was achieved 13 years after his death; recognises his support for home rule for Scotland and considers that it was delivered by a Labour government, a government of the party that he founded; commends the Keir Hardie Society for its work in promoting the life and work of Keir Hardie, and looks forward to the 2020 celebrations marking the 120th anniversary of Keir Hardie’s election as MP for Merthyr Tydfil".

Newham Council (formerly East and West Ham Borough) - Keir Hardie

"The Mayor informed that 2012 marks 120 years since Keir Hardie was elected to Parliament in the (then) West Ham South seat. Born in 1856, Keir Hardie was the first Independent Labour Member of Parliament and a pioneer and founder for what would later become the Labour Party.

Keir Hardie was the first truly working class representative in Parliament. He drew on his own experiences and hardships that he faced growing up in Scotland, where he first started work at the age of 7 in Shipbuilding in Glasgow, before at the age of 10 becoming a miner. He went on to become a trade union activist and leader. As secretary of the Ayrshire Miners Union, he lead some of the first organised campaigns for decent wages and living standards. His contribution as one of the first leaders of the Labour Party cannot be underestimated, in particular in helping to establish it's founding principles and becoming the party which fought for the rights of the working class.

Hardie won the West Ham South seat in 1892, winning by over 5,000 votes. He stood for free schooling, pensions, women's rights and the abolition of the House of Lords… Proof that sometimes over a century isn’t a long time in politics!

The Mayor stated that Newham Council would honour this great man this year with an exhibition at the Old Town Hall, Stratford, and that more details would be publicised in due course".

Picture on right is of the bust of Keir Hardie inside Stratford Town Hall taken during the 4 July West Ham Labour Party and Newham TULO commemoration tour.


Anonymous said...

After what Labour did to the working class ‘with the support of the Unions’ Keir Hardie will be turning in his grave. You really have got a nerve. Do you think we are all stupid uneducated unwashed and grateful for living on benefits and buying second hand clothes from charity shops run with slave labour? Please, I really wish you people would own up and join the Tory party; the whole lot of you are liars.

John Gray said...

Hi anonymous troll

Nah, while life in 1892 was very different than now but I think that Hardie would be very proud of all what has been achieved by Labour.

Still more to do of course in the real world but you wouldn't know anything about that would you :)

Anonymous said...


In the real world, in my world, people now look at the Labour party with as much hatred as they looked on Thatcher’s Tories. Even worse, they now look on the trade unions as collaborators, they see a “two tier workforce” one the private sector the other the public sector. They are also aware of the fact that almost all trade unionist are now employed by the government. A very cozy and convenient situation I must say. Labour are now unelectable but that was their plan all along. Traitor’s conmen/women and liars. The lot of you should hang your heads in shame. Sorry to spoil your day but the truth hurts.

P.S. ‘Hope it’s not a crime to tell the truth.

John Gray said...

Hi anon

I think that you should calm down a little and think about "your world". Now, this may well indeed be your world but just because you and your few mates happen to inhabit some sort of 'orrible, nasty, anti-trade union crypto fascist hell doesn't necessarily mean that it’s the "real" world.

If everyone "hates" Labour why isn't "everyone" supporting your views? Why is Labour riding high in the polls? Why the need for anon trolling?

I must admit that you are so consumed with hate and anger that your world must be a pretty miserable place.

Anonymous said...


Now now, calm down John. I’m actually consumed with love and comfort and I have a beautiful garden that never fails to give me pleasure.

If I’m a crypto fascist then you must be a real fascist.
Thanks for letting me know your true political persuasion. As you must be aware ‘you being far superior to me in every possible way, a crypto fascist is a term used to imply that an individual keeps their political persuasions hidden to avoid political persecution ’.

Well, sorry to offend you but I’m a socialist a real socialist, certainly not a stuck up phony intellectual like you. Why don’t you get a job in the real world, instead of working for the public sector ‘the government’ go on, try and earn a living in the real world? You wouldn’t last 10 minutes.

John Gray said...

Hi anon

I think you should sit in your garden more often and allow some sunlight into your weird and wonderful thought processes.

I haven't a clue on what you are going on about!

It might also help to check your facts - I work in the private sector.

Love and kisses as always :)

Anonymous said...

Nothing in the 'Popular Posts last 7 days'… I see it’s convenient again for you to ignore the blatant anti-working class sentiment from your favourite party
I will leave my message here….Labour helped rush through bill to stop benefit rebates after Poundland ruling….Nice to see your glorious Labour party again doing the dirty against the people there supposed to represent ‘this time…even going against a human rights judgement!’…What have you got to say about this then John?

John Gray said...

Hi Anon

"Nothing in the 'Popular Posts last 7 days?" as per usual anon I haven't a clue what you are going on about?

The benefits bill abstention was a ill thought out cock up with 44 MPs rebelling and resignation of pps. I understand the leadership has accepted it was a wrong call.

The people of course you ought to be condemning are the Tories and Lib Dems who voted for the bill!

But no, you lot are quite happy to attack Labour not Tories because you love to indulge in your childish, puerile and pointless Life of Brian politics.

The pathetic 0.15%ers!